New York City Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruise Injury Lawyers Tell You How to Cruise Out of New York City

New York City Cruise Ship Injury Attorney

If you have been following the news over the past several years, you might think that cruises are floating disasters waiting to happen. Reports of near-drownings, norovirus outbreaks, and other accidents and injuries have flooded the airwaves to such an extent that it may seem a wonder that any cruise lines are even operating any more.

Such is life in a 24-hour news cycle.

The reality is that, overwhelmingly, the people who embark on cruise vacations not only come home safe and sound, but also full of wide-eyed joy and excitement over the experiences they have had. Naturally there are injuries and illnesses, but those make up only a miniscule percentage of the entire cruise-going population.

And we are saying this as maritime attorneys with more than 40 combined years of experience battling cruise lines to make sure that our clients receive fair and just compensation for what they have suffered. Taking a cruise is not entirely safe, but it is no more dangerous than taking any other kind of vacation to a foreign country, and in many ways, it is safer. The thing to know about going on a cruise is that the more you plan in advance, the better off you will be.

Unfortunately, many people completely ignore one of the biggest aspects of planning their trip: the port of departure. The departure port you choose is an integral part of your overall vacation though, and some ports – and port cities – simply offer more than others.

New York City’s port is one that deserves consideration. With two award-winning terminals – one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn – that have put a focus on ease and comfort, embarking and disembarking here is a dream. But, of course, this is New York – there are all kinds of other reasons to visit!

For those who decide to come a few days early or stay after their cruise ends, there is an endless variety of things to see and do in New York City. Just a few of the possible ways you can spend your time in New York include spending an afternoon in Central Park, visiting one of the city’s countless world-renowned museums, checking out a Broadway show, going on a food tour of the city, catching a game from one of the city’s many professional sports teams, and heading to the Statue of Liberty.

Learn about Cruises and Destinations out of New York City from Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys

According to the official New York cruise port website, there are six cruise lines that operate cruises out of New York City: Carnival Cruise Lines, Crystal Cruises, Cunard Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Princess Cruises.

Carnival. Sunshine and Splendor currently call New York home for at least part of the year, and in late 2016, the Vista will sail out of the Big Apple as well.

  • Bahamas. Enjoy the sun-soaked tropical beaches of the Bahamas on this 8-day cruise.
  • Bermuda. There is only one Bermuda trip out of New York on Carnival’s slate, a 7-day trip in October of 2016.
  • Canada and New England. As you might expect for this region, voyages up the Atlantic Coast of New England and Canada are not hard to find. Carnival offers 4-, 5-, and 7-day cruises.
  • Eastern Caribbean. 8-day cruises to the Eastern Caribbean are offered throughout the summer months by Carnival.

Crystal. The Symphony and the Serenity both have cruises out of this port.

  • Miami. Take a 14-day break from New York just as the weather starts to turn frosty.
  • Montreal. The 7-day trip disembarks in Montreal, while the 10-day cruise is a round trip.
  • New England. Explore the natural beauty of New England on a 7-day voyage of the coast.

Cunard. Queen Mary 2, the flagship of Cunard, calls the port of New York its home and has a number of cruises out of the city.

  • Canada and New England. 7- and 14- trips up the coast await those in search of crisp scenic beauty.
  • Caribbean. If you’re jonesing for a tropical paradise, Cunard can take you there on 12-, 13-, 19-, and 21-day cruise vacations.
  • Halifax and Boston. A special 12-day voyage takes you on the Halifax and Boston trip, then continues on to Southampton after you return to New York.
  • Visit historic Hamburg, Germany, on 9- and 10-day cruises.
  • Rio. A 16-day voyage south to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Southampton. 7-, 8-, and 9-day cruises have you disembarking in Southampton, but the 14-, 16-, and 18-day voyages are round trip. There is also a 27-day trip that includes the Canary Islands.
  • Transatlantic. A 19-day cruise will head to Bruges before coming home. A 30-day cruise will take you through Germany and the Netherlands before returning to New York. Then there is the 21-day transatlantic crossing that mostly explores Canada.
  • There are a number of legs of the world voyage that you can take from New York. The 31-day trip ends in Santiago, Chile. The 53-day voyage disembarks in Sydney, Australia. Stay for 71 days of the journey, and you will arrive in Hong Kong. 91 days leaves you in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Getting to Southampton, England, takes 113 days.

Holland America. The Zuiderdam and the Rotterdam run cruises out of New York, with a couple of interesting trips between them.

  • Canada and New England. A 10-day journey up the Atlantic Coast that ends in Quebec City.
  • Transatlantic. There are two options with this cruise. You can book a 20-day leg that will leave you in Rome, Italy, or a 45-day trip that disembarks in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Norwegian. Two Norwegian ships operate out of New York, Breakaway and Gem.

  • Bahamas and Florida. Most cruises last 7 or 8 days, but there is also a 19-day excursion that takes you through the Bahamas and the Southern Caribbean before returning to New York.
  • Bermuda. 7-day trips to Bermuda abound. Looking for more? There are also 14-day trips that include Bermuda, the Bahamas, and Florida.
  • Canada and New England. 6-, 7-, and 13-day cruises through Canada and New England are available in abundance. Additionally, you can book 14-day cruises that head south to the Bahamas, then head back up to Canada and New England, a 15-day cruise that ends in the Eastern Caribbean, or a 17-day round trip cruise that also includes the Eastern Caribbean.
  • Eastern Caribbean. You will find several 8-, 9-, 10-, and 11-day trips from New York. Though the 9-day excursions typically only involve the Eastern Caribbean, there are also voyages that include Bermuda in that timeframe. Or you could book a 16-day cruise that heads to both the Bahamas and Eastern Caribbean.
  • Nowhere. This 2-day cruise leads exactly where it sounds like – nowhere – and that is exactly what some passengers want.
  • Southern Caribbean. There are 12-day voyages solely to the Southern Caribbean, or you can book a 15-day trip that includes both the Eastern and Southern Caribbean.

Princess. Pacific Princess, Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, and Sea Princess all consider New York City their home port, taking passengers to all corners of the globe.

  • Canadian Atlantic. With this trip, you can spend 5 days exploring the Atlantic Coast of Canada.
  • Canada and New England. Several 7- and 10-day cruises allow you to head up the coast of New England and visit our neighbor to the north.
  • Caribbean. Escape the frosty weather of New York in October by taking one of these 10-day trips to tropical climes.
  • London. A 15-day voyage from the Big Apple that disembarks in London.
  • World. This segment of Princess’s world cruise lasts 38 days and takes you from New York to Sydney, Australia.

If Negligence Does Mar Your Voyage out of New York, Reach out to Cruise Accident Lawyers as Soon as Possible

While cruise ship accidents and injuries are rare, the unfortunate reality is that they do occur, and often, when they happen, it is due to negligence on the part of crew members or the cruise line itself.

It would be wonderful if cruise lines stepped up when these types of situations arise and made sure that anyone suffering because of an error they made is fairly compensated, but that is rarely the case. Typically, their goal is to sweep the problem under the rug while spending as little money as possible on the incident.

If you want to make sure your voice is heard and you have the best chance at recovery, you need to work with experienced maritime lawyers who have successfully helped others in situations like yours. Maritime law is complex, and it is not enough for regular personal injury lawyers to simply start advertising themselves as cruise ship injury attorneys.

The cruise ship injury lawyers at Lawlor, White & Murphey have helped numerous cruise accident victims secure compensation and hold the responsible parties accountable. They can make sure you receive the best possible outcome in your case, too. Contact us today via email, our online form, or by phone:

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