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Do I Need a Maritime Lawyer for a Personal Injury from a Boating Accident?

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Maritime Law and Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured in a boating accident, it can be critical to understand when maritime law governs your personal injury claim or whether state law negligence continues to apply to your claim. The rules and laws for a personal injury claim can differ if the claim is governed by maritime law as opposed to state law.

What is Maritime Law?

Maritime law governs all interactions that occur on bodies of water. These can include commercial transactions, navigation, salvage, dispute, pollution, and transport of goods. However, it is possible for those who are simply …

Largest Cruise Ship Sets Sail on Maiden Voyage

Largest Cruise Ship Sets Sail on Maiden Voyage

Think you’ve been on the world’s largest cruise ship? Think again.

A new record holder for the world’s biggest cruise ship has begun its maiden voyage in Northern Europe. The billion-dollar Harmony of the Seas is a colossal Royal Caribbean ship that took 30 months to build in France. It will head toward Florida in the fall, and make the United States its permanent home port by the end of the year.

Harmony of the Seas just barely beat the previous record for the biggest cruise ship. Her Royal Caribbean sister ships, all part of the Oasis family of Royal …

Missing Carnival Cruise Passenger Brings Up Safety Questions

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Missing Carnival Cruise Passenger Brings Up Safety Questions

After searching over 4,300 square miles for 20 hours, the Coast Guard has suspended its search for a Texas woman who fell off a Carnival cruise ship.

Samantha Broberg, 33, is a stay-at-home mother of four children from Arlington, Texas. She boarded a Carnival Liberty cruise out of Galveston, Texas on Thursday May 12; the cruise was scheduled to sail on a 4-day journey to Mexico.

She was initially reported missing on Friday by fellow passengers, and security began a full search of every room for every passenger that was supposed to be on board. The extensive sweep of the …

Balmoral Cruise: Norovirus Strikes Again


Balmoral Cruise - Norovirus Strikes Again

Once again, norovirus has reared its ugly head in the cruise world. This time the affected people were on a British cruise sailing to North America.  More than 250 passengers and crew on board are reported to have experienced the virus. What happened?.

The Balmoral, a British ship sailing under Fred Olsen Cruise Line, left from England on April 16 for a 34-day ‘Old England to New England’ tour to the United States. A majority of the passengers on the ship were British.

On April 29, the cruise line released a statement reporting a “gastro-enteritis type illness” that …

So You Want to Take a Luxury Cruise

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Every now and then, we want to experience a little luxury and live like a king or queen. And for those who love cruising, there are numerous types of upscale sailings that offer you a range of first-class amenities, accommodations, destinations, services, and, well, pretty much anything you can possibly imagine.

While a luxury vacation might seem out of reach, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are five major classifications of luxury cruises, which means, essentially, there’s something for everyone!

Traditional Luxury

When you think of luxury, do you think of caviar, pampering, and celebrity chefs? If …