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Balmoral Cruise: Norovirus Strikes Again


Balmoral Cruise - Norovirus Strikes Again

Once again, norovirus has reared its ugly head in the cruise world. This time the affected people were on a British cruise sailing to North America.  More than 250 passengers and crew on board are reported to have experienced the virus. What happened?.

The Balmoral, a British ship sailing under Fred Olsen Cruise Line, left from England on April 16 for a 34-day ‘Old England to New England’ tour to the United States. A majority of the passengers on the ship were British.

On April 29, the cruise line released a statement reporting a “gastro-enteritis type illness” that …

Cruise Lines Ban Handshakes to Combat Spread of Diseases

Cruise Lines Ban Handshakes to Combat Spread of Diseases

“While the captain is pleased to meet you, he and the other staff receiving you refrain from shaking hands in order to provide the most effective preventative sanitary measure.”

This is the notice that greeted passengers aboard Crystal Serenity on a recent cruise with Crystal Cruises, according to passenger and journalist Charles Moore.

Crystal Cruises is one of many cruise lines that have recently adopted a policy banning passengers from shaking hands with the captain and the other staff members on ships. Other lines that discourage handshaking among staff members and passengers include UK-based Fred Olsen Cruise Lines and …