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Judge Throws Out $21.5M Holland America Cruise Injury Verdict

Judge Throws Out $21.5M Holland America Cruise Injury Verdict

Last October, a United States District Court in Seattle awarded $21.5 million in damages to an Illinois man for a minor brain injury he suffered. The injury occurred on a Holland America cruise when a sliding glass door struck him in the head.

After the verdict was announced, Holland America said the settlement was “excessive” and that they would be appealing the decision. Then, United States District Judge Barbara Rothstein threw out that huge $21.5 million verdict and ordered a new trial to take place, citing previously unseen emails that detail “grave inconsistencies” in Hausman’s story.

What happened? Why all …

Is Disney Liable for Molested Girl on Cruise?

Is Disney Liable for Molested Girl on Cruise

On Disney Magic’s 5-Night Western Caribbean cruise, which departed the Port of Miami on December 18th, an 11-year-old girl accused Juan Manuel Palma-Ortega of molesting her. The girl told her parents that Palma-Ortega – a 31-year-old Honduran man – fondled her three times during the cruise.

When the cruise returned to the Port of Miami on Wednesday, December 23rd, Miami-Dade police detained Palma-Ortega and he supposedly confessed to the crime. Palma-Ortega was then charged with three felony counts of lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor and is being held without bond. In addition, Palma-Ortega …

Is a Cruise Ship Liable for Your Injury?

Is a Cruise Ship Liable for Your Injury

Accidents and injuries can happen all over – a car, a public place, your house – essentially anywhere. If you’re injured on land, you can usually resolve these issues with tort law (the kind of law most people are familiar with) and a personal injury lawsuit.

But what if you’re not on land? What if you’re injured on a cruise ship?

Cruise ship vacations can be fun for the whole family, but if you or someone in your family is injured while on a cruise, it will do more than ruin your vacation. Cruise ship injuries can include drownings, slip …

Classifying Cruise Ship Accidents

Classifying Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruises can be some of the most fun, unique, and enjoyable vacations around. Besides visiting multiple places and having on-shore excursions, you can also take part in everything the cruise ship has to offer – swimming pools, delicious food, entertaining shows, and many other activities.

But just like any vacation, it’s important to be safe wherever you are. Here are some of the types of accidents and incidents you might run into while you’re cruising.

Disasters. A disaster refers to an event that causes major destruction and distress. This could include sinking, grounding, capsizing, collisions, and pirate or terrorist attacks. …

Do You Need a Lawyer for Cruise Injury Claims?

Do You Need a Lawyer for Cruise Injury Claims

Is this something you can tackle on your own, or will you need legal representation?

You may be tempted to represent yourself in court to cut costs. Maybe you believe your case is an open-and-shut claim against the company, and shouldn’t require any counsel or representation for you to win.

Don’t make this mistake.

Do I Really Need a Maritime Accident Attorney?

In all but the simplest legal matters, it is almost always better to at least consult with an attorney first. He or she can outline the situation you are up against, as well as the laws that will …