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Things You Should Know Before Going on a Cruise

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Things You Should Know Before Going on a CruiseA cruise can be a great way to spend a honeymoon, a holiday or to simply enjoy a vacation with your family. The mix of leisure time and extravagant planned activities – both at port and at sea – can often make it seem like the most full-service vacation imaginable. And truth be told, it is – for the most part.

But accidents, injuries, and illnesses don’t stop when you hit the open water. The best way to prevent an incident from becoming a full-blown disaster is by being prepared. When it comes to having a safe, fun and (happily) …

The Safest Cruise Lines for 2015

The Safest Cruise Lines for 2015

Many potential cruise customers have been turned off by recent reports of mechanical failures, sickness, and injuries on major cruise lines.

But despite horror stories like the incident aboard the Carnival Triumph in 2013, the vast majority of passengers have a wonderful cruise vacation. Cruise ships are often more safe that living on land.  Even outbreaks of norovirus—a virus so commonly associated with cruise ships it’s sometimes called “the cruise ship bug”—are more likely to strike on solid ground.

Some cruise lines have more of a checkered past than others, however. If safety is a primary concern for you …

Do You Need a Lawyer for Cruise Injury Claims?

Do You Need a Lawyer for Cruise Injury Claims

Is this something you can tackle on your own, or will you need legal representation?

You may be tempted to represent yourself in court to cut costs. Maybe you believe your case is an open-and-shut claim against the company, and shouldn’t require any counsel or representation for you to win.

Don’t make this mistake.

Do I Really Need a Maritime Accident Attorney?

In all but the simplest legal matters, it is almost always better to at least consult with an attorney first. He or she can outline the situation you are up against, as well as the laws that will …

Can Medical Staff on Cruise Ships be Held Liable for Malpractice?

Can Medical Staff on Cruise Ships be Held Liable for Malpractice
When you get sick or injured on a cruise ship, you are usually far away from familiar, land-based medical care. You instead must be treated by doctors, nurses, and other medical staff on board the cruise ship.

Most cruise ships are equipped to handle a decent variety of common medical issues. But what if you receive poor medical care while on board a ship? What if a doctor incorrectly diagnoses your illness, or makes your injuries worse?  Can you hold the staff and the cruise line responsible?

Medical Malpractice on Cruise Ships: How Does It Work?

On land, there are …