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Balmoral Cruise: Norovirus Strikes Again


Balmoral Cruise - Norovirus Strikes Again

Once again, norovirus has reared its ugly head in the cruise world. This time the affected people were on a British cruise sailing to North America.  More than 250 passengers and crew on board are reported to have experienced the virus. What happened?.

The Balmoral, a British ship sailing under Fred Olsen Cruise Line, left from England on April 16 for a 34-day ‘Old England to New England’ tour to the United States. A majority of the passengers on the ship were British.

On April 29, the cruise line released a statement reporting a “gastro-enteritis type illness” that …

Zika Virus Health Advisory for Cruisers

Zika Virus Health Advisory for Cruisers

Unless you’re living in a country where Zika is prevalent, you might not think the virus concerns you. However, if you are planning to take a cruise – or any trip – to an affected area, you should be aware of the virus, the associated risks, and how to prevent the virus from spreading.

What Is the Zika Virus?

The Zika virus is primarily spread to people through a bite from an infected mosquito. After being bitten by an infected mosquito, someone may show symptoms that include fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis that can last up to a week.…

Major Health Risks Onboard Cruise Ships

Major Health Risks Onboard Cruise Ships

Long waits. Mistaken diagnoses. Failure to diagnose you altogether.

For all of the modern amenities that the cruise ships of today offer their passengers, the medical services on some cruises can be surprisingly sub-par.

Inadequate health services on cruise ships are an especially worrying problem, as there are a number of health risks onboard cruise ships. Many passengers assume that their ship will offer the breadth of medical treatment they can receive on land, but this simply isn’t the case.

Common Cruise Ship Health Concerns

Understanding the unique health risks onboard cruise ships can help passengers plan a safe and …