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Hurricane Season Cruising: What You Need to Know

Hurricane Season Cruising- What You Need to Know

You’re searching for a good time to book a cruise and the prices for late summer/early fall look pretty tempting…

Well, there’s a reason for hot cruise deals around September – it’s prime hurricane season! Hurricane season may be a convenient time for your family to set sail on a relaxing vacation, but is it the best time to get in the water?

That depends. It’s hard to predict a hurricane months in advance, and you may feel that the price and the potential for a relaxing vacation are worth the risk. And chances are relatively good that your cruise …

Zika Virus Health Advisory for Cruisers

Zika Virus Health Advisory for Cruisers

Unless you’re living in a country where Zika is prevalent, you might not think the virus concerns you. However, if you are planning to take a cruise – or any trip – to an affected area, you should be aware of the virus, the associated risks, and how to prevent the virus from spreading.

What Is the Zika Virus?

The Zika virus is primarily spread to people through a bite from an infected mosquito. After being bitten by an infected mosquito, someone may show symptoms that include fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis that can last up to a week.…

Some Cruise Lines Now Sailing to Cuba

Some Cruise Lines Now Sailing to Cuba

The cruise industry can now add a new destination to their list: Cuba!

Last month, President Barack Obama made a historic visit to the country to show the new relationship between the United States and Cuba. He became the first U.S. head of state to visit Cuba in nearly 90 years!

During his visit, Carnival Cruise Line announced it would begin sailing from the United States to Cuba starting May 1. This will be the first time in half a century that a cruise ship has been allowed to sail from America to the island country.

This is big news …

Cruise Ship Set to Sail Remote Northwest Passage

Crystal Cruise Ship Set to Sail Remote Northwest Passage

Going on a cruise allows you to travel to new and exciting destinations. And this summer, one cruise ship will take the plunge by becoming the largest vessel – and the first of its kind – to sail the Northwest Passage.

The Northwest Passage is a sea route that allows people to get from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean via the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Up until recently, the Northwest Passage had been impassable due to thick sea ice, but in recent years enough of that ice has melted that the Passage is now navigable to commercial traffic and …

Common Cruise Ship Incidents that Can Result in Injury

Common Cruise Ship Incidents that Can Result in Injury

When you take a road trip, you need to be extra cautious of where you’re going and who you’re sharing the road with so that you don’t get into a car accident. When you’re on a plane, you need to keep an eye on your belongings at the airport and be prepared for bumpy turbulence. And when you’re on a cruise, you have to be aware of cruise-specific incidents that can happen while you’re aboard the ship.

Although the cruise industry has an excellent overall safety record, there are times when things do go wrong. Now, accidents can happen anywhere, …