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Can Medical Staff on Cruise Ships be Held Liable for Malpractice?

Can Medical Staff on Cruise Ships be Held Liable for Malpractice
When you get sick or injured on a cruise ship, you are usually far away from familiar, land-based medical care. You instead must be treated by doctors, nurses, and other medical staff on board the cruise ship.

Most cruise ships are equipped to handle a decent variety of common medical issues. But what if you receive poor medical care while on board a ship? What if a doctor incorrectly diagnoses your illness, or makes your injuries worse?  Can you hold the staff and the cruise line responsible?

Medical Malpractice on Cruise Ships: How Does It Work?

On land, there are …

5 Tips for Shore Excursion Safety

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5 Tips for Shore Excursion Safety

Cruise excursions are a great way to explore the local flavor of a port of call while having a blast and getting a new experience under your belt.

But not all shore excursions are created equal. While the chance of being injured on one of these expeditions is relatively low, some excursions pose more danger to passengers than others.

Many foreign countries lack the strict business regulations of the United States that keep customers safe. Moreover, in poorer countries, tourism can be a strong source of revenue for individual citizens. But the easy money American tourists provide can encourage these …

How to Stay Safe during a Cruise Ship Fire

How to Stay Safe during a Cruise Ship Fire

In the middle of the ocean, the threat of fire can seem absurd. After all, you’re surrounded by water. Shouldn’t the “problem” of a fire be pretty easy to solve?

But while it may seem paradoxical, fire is a one of the most serious risks onboard a cruise ship. Any enclosed area with a high volume of people becomes dangerous during a fire, which makes cruise ships one of the worst places for a fire emergency. Nervous crowds, long hallways, and rows of similar-looking rooms can add to the panic and confusion. Because of this, cruise ship fires can spread …

Major Health Risks Onboard Cruise Ships

Major Health Risks Onboard Cruise Ships

Long waits. Mistaken diagnoses. Failure to diagnose you altogether.

For all of the modern amenities that the cruise ships of today offer their passengers, the medical services on some cruises can be surprisingly sub-par.

Inadequate health services on cruise ships are an especially worrying problem, as there are a number of health risks onboard cruise ships. Many passengers assume that their ship will offer the breadth of medical treatment they can receive on land, but this simply isn’t the case.

Common Cruise Ship Health Concerns

Understanding the unique health risks onboard cruise ships can help passengers plan a safe and …

What Should I Do After a Cruise Accident? 5 Steps to Take

What Should I Do After a Cruise Accident 5 Steps to Take

You’ve booked your cruise, packed your bags, and arranged for a neighbor to water your plants.

You’ve bought a new bathing suit, and armed yourself with sunblock, bug spray, and a guidebook about the exotic destinations you’ll be visiting. You’ve even downloaded the cruise line’s app for tips and information on what to expect aboard.

You’re prepared for anything—until an accident, injury, or illness, takes you by surprise.

No one expects to be injured on a cruise. However, countless accidents and injuries occur on cruise ships and during onshore excursions every year. If a sudden accident or injury has caused …